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I have been taking cars to Amport Auto Service for repairs for more than ten years. I keep coming back because the prices are fair, the problems are promptly diagnosed, and I’ve never been charged for parts and services that I don’t need, like some dealers do. I’ve recommended Amport to family and friends and have never been disappointed.

Caroline from Wauwatosa

I have been a customer of Amport Auto Service for approximately five years. I have had only two vehicles in that time. My 1999 Ford f150 and my wife’s car, a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix. Amport Auto Service has helped me maintain these two vehicles with great prices and outstanding service. They fix what needs fixing and tell me if something doesn’t. They don’t repair something just because the vehicle is there. The honesty has been a breath of fresh air in a world where people like to take advantage of you. I have taken my vehicles to a few others places in the past but either the prices were so outrageous or the vehicle was fixed with bolts and parts missing or parts that failed. I have referred many people to get their vehicles fixed at Amport. Thank you for running a great repair shop I can count on!

Mark Ebel

The service I received at Amport was fantastic. They immediately diagnosed the problem and had the repairs done quickly. Everyone affiliated with Amport was cordial and professional. I would recommend their service to anyone. Whether it is a brake or tire problem, or a serious engine problem, they know their stuff.


In the twenty five years I have had my cars serviced at Amport Auto Service I have found them to be honest in their business dealings and they do excellent quality work.


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